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Debunking Pseudoskeptics


Show Me the Evidence
Dean Radin, Entangled Minds, April 28, 2013
Dr. Radin’s post introduces a list of peer-reviewed articles
on psi research.

Selected Peer-Reviewed Publications on Psi Research
Dean Radin
“Commonly repeated critiques about psi, such as ‘these phenomena are impossible,’ or ‘there’s no valid scientific evidence,’ or ‘the results are all due to fraud,’ have been soundly rejected for many decades. Such critiques persist due to ignorance of the relevant literature and to entrenched, incorrect beliefs. Legitimate debates today no longer focus on existential questions but on development of adequate theoretical explanations, advancements in methodology, the ‘source’ of psi, and issues about effect size heterogeneity and robustness of replication.”

Skeptical Concepts
“Science depends on having our eyes wide open.”
Dr. Roger Nelson at Princeton University.

Alex Tsakiris calls out materialists and pseudoskeptics regarding their views via interviews on his podcast.

New Science 2020
Dan Drasin on new science and old skepticism.

The Weiler Psi
“Parapsychology Journalism:
The People, The Theory, The Science, The Skeptics”
Craig Weiler writes about the issues.

“Scientific Committee to Evaluate Pseudoskeptical
Cynicism of the Paranormal”

Scientism Central
“Home of the Empirically Incorrect”

Science is a Method, Not a Position
“Observations and experiments casting doubt
on the model of reductionistic materialism.”

Dogmatic Skeptics and Medicine
“10 ways in which dogmatic skeptics have muddled the
debate about complementary and lifestyle medicine.”


The Movement in Europe


Das Skeptiker-Syndrom: Zur Mentalität der GWUP
Edgar Wunder’s article exposing the dishonest tactics of the GWUP
(the equivalent of CSICOP / CSI in America). From March 6, 2012.

A website for the Swedish anti-pseudoskeptical movement.

German website critical of organised skepticism.

Zététique Blog
Skeptical Investigations in France.


Dogmatic Skeptics


Closed Minded Science
The negative aspects of science.


Tackling Atheism


Atheist Delusion
A recommended website on atheism.


A Civilised Debate


Science is a Method not a Position
The AMNAP Blogspot.

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