Gary Null and Richard Gale

Founder and executive producer of the Progressive Radio Network, Gary and Richard respectively, shed light on skeptic skulduggery

Medical Skepticism: Today’s Scientific Cultural Disease

Originally published on the Progressive Radio Network, August 5, 2019 © Richard Gale and Dr Gary Null PhD Modern day Skepticism is one of those annoying contagions that won't go away. It is rather like a persistent Candida yeast infection. It is painful to common sense. Worse, Skepticism flares up when you least expect it....

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Modern Skepticism: Western Civilization’s Scientific Wahhabism

Originally published on the Progressive Radio Network, October 25, 2019 © Richard Gale and Gary Null PhD The history of scientific and medical research is pervaded with examples of denigration and suppression by a dominant scientific elite. In the absence of dissent, innovation and vision that promises progress and reform, a population succumbs to conformity...

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