Brian Josephson

Brian Josephson
Dr. Brian D. Josephson

Cavendish Laboratory
University of Cambridge
Nobel Laureate in Physics, 1973

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Comments on Steven Pinker’s view of the Paranormal

by Brian D. Josephson, Ph.D. Cavendish Laboratory, University of CambridgeNobel Laureate in Physics, 1973 Dr. Brian D. Josephson In a talk in his BBC Radio 4 series ‘Think with Pinker’, Steven Pinker asked ‘why do so many of us believe in so much quackery and flapdoodle?’, characterising extrasensory perception as ‘paranormal woowoo’. I can imagine...

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Pathological Disbelief: The Lindau Lecture

by Brian D. Josephson, Ph.D., Nobel Laureate in Physics, 1973 Nobel Laureates’ Annual Meeting, Lindau, Germany - June 30, 2004 (download slides) Dr. Brian D. Josephson Abstract: This talk mirrors "Pathological Science", a lecture given by Chemistry Laureate Irving Langmuir (1). Langmuir discussed cases where scientists, on the basis of invalid processes, claimed the validity...

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