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by Guy Lyon Playfair

Author Guy Lyon Playfair (This House is Haunted, Twin Telepathy and 10 other books) is a longtime skeptic watcher. Here, he takes a skeptical look at some of their recent activities.



Skeptical Observer

Welcome to Skeptics Anonymous

Casually Evaluating Apparent Evidence

Wolpert Returns to the Fray

Closed Minds on Helicobacter

Impediment to Science

How Skepticism Blocks Progress

Cuvier and Spallanzani

Observer at Large

Copus Cops Out

Disastrous Medicine?

Complementary Healing Works

Professor Kurtz Investigates

Evidence of Paranormality

Skeptical Non-Explanations

They Cannot be Serious!



Telepathy, Stamps and Fuzzy Logic

Britain in the Forefront

Skeptics Have Us Covered

Distinguished Contributions

Thoughts for the Day

Moderate Doses

Psi and Fraud

Betrayers of the Truth?

Science's Gulf War

BA Science Festival 2006


A Teach Yourself Guide

Wolpert vs Confucius

Practising what you Preach

Secrets of the Skeptics

How to become a Media Skeptic

Breakthrough to Nowhere

Wiseman's RV 'breakthrough'



Military Remote Viewing

The Skeptical Invaders

Nature and Telepathy

A Very Brief History

The Stargate Conspiracy

The Stargate Chronicles

The Demkina Case

The Girl with X-Ray Eyes

The Demkina Sequel

How not to do an Experiment

The Demkina Stitch-up

Hyman the Terrible

Psi 'Proved' not to Exist

Neuroimaging used in Psi Debate



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