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The Association for Skeptical Investigation is neither associated with nor endorses any of these web sites.

Alternative Medicine and Skepticism Larry Dossey
The Anomalist On line review
Astro Biology.com
Boundary Institute
Cells Alive
Council for Secular Humanism
Crop Circles - The Crop Circular
Crop Circles - Swirled News
Crop Circle Research - German Association (German language)
CSI: The Paradigm Police from Alternative Science
CSICOP Scare from The Anomalist
Debunking the Debunkers
Discover Magazine
Earthtech International
The Electric-Cosmos.org
Extraordinary Claim? Move the Goal Posts! Patrick Huyghe
Folklore and the Rise of Moderation Among Organized Skeptics
Fortean Times
Global Consciousness Project
GM Watch
George Hansen Online Articles
The Human Behavior and Evolution Society
Institute of Noetic Sciences
Integral Inquiry
International Society of Artificial Life (ISAL)
Investigating Atheism
The Klass Files
Koestler Parapsychology Unit
Laboratories for Fundemental Research
Mars - Artificial Structures on Mars 2001 presentation by Tom Van Flandern
Mars Effect Drives Skeptics to Irrationality from Zetetic Scholar
Mars, the Face A Historical Summary
Mars, Objects on the Surface McDaniel Report
MetaResearch Something has gone wrong in astronomy
Mind-Matter Unification Project
Myths of Skepticism
National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine
Operation Clambake
Parapsychological Association
Parapsychology Foundation
PEAR Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research
Philosophy as a Science online book by Curt Ducasse
On Pseudo-Skepticism by Marcello Truzzi, original CSICOP co-founder
Psychic Resource Directory
Randi Educational Foundation
Rationalist International
Rhine Research Center
Science Frontiers
Scientific American online
SCEPCOP - Scientific Committee Exposing Pseudo-Skeptical Cynicism of the Paranormal
Scientific and Medical Network
The Secular Web
Skeptic Magazine
Skeptical Inquirer Magazine
Skeptical Inquirer Smears Wilhelm Reich (Again): A Rebuttal
The Skeptical Review
Society for Interdisciplinary Studies
Society for Psychical Research
Society for Scientific Exploration
Subversive Thinking - Blog
Suppression of Sound Scientific Ideas
Survival Science
Symptoms of Pathological skepticism William J. Beaty
UFO Skeptic
World of Richard Dawkins (unofficial site)
Zen...and the Art of Debunkery

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