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Some Outstanding Websites

Here are some websites which are making an outstanding contribution to the Skeptical about Skeptics movement

Debunking Pseudoskeptics

subversivethinking.blogspot.com - Statements by leading Professional Debunkers making serious concessions on the validity of evidence for psi phenomena and psi research

www.debunkingskeptics.com SCEPCOP - Scientific Committee Exposing Pseudo-Skeptical Cynicism of the Paranormal

www.debunkingskeptics.com/forum/index.php SCEPCOP forum

New website inspired by Skeptical Investigations... Skeptiko website

Julio Siquiera's anti-pseudoskeptic website... Criticizing Skepticism

A gentle approach... Zen and the Art of Debunkery

The Movement in Europe

Skeptical Investigations in France... Zététique Blog

German websites critical of organised skepticism... www.skeptizismus.de
www.psychophysik.com/html/re-061-skeptizismus.html - Article by Edgar Wunder exposing the dishonest tactics of GWUP (the equivalent of CSICOP in America)

A website for Swedish skeptics... Skeptikerskolan

Dogmatic Skeptics

Nobel Laureate barred from Scientific conference... Josephson rejection Times Report

Suppression and censorship in Science... Suppressed Science

Negative aspects of Science... Closed Minded Science

Do Skeptics Play Fair?... Rupert Sheldrake replies to Shermer

Tackling Atheism

A recommended website on atheism... Atheist Delusion

Setting current controversies in their historical context... Investigating Atheism

A Civilised Debate

Scientists and clairvoyants... BBC's online discussion

Cosmic Citizen's blogspot... Cosmic Citizen

Review of the SPE Skeptics study day onvolving Rupert Sheldrake Spotlight on Skeptics

The Amnap blogspot... Science is a Method not a Position

Organised Skepticism

The Committee for Skeptical Enquiry...Home of the Dogmatists

Reading matter for pseudoskeptics... Skeptic

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