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Parapsychology and the Skeptics: A Scientific Argument for the Existence of ESP
- by Chris Carter




John Palmer
The controversy surrounding psychic phenomena (psi) is both long and complicated. Chris Carter reviews the many elements of the controversy in great detail, but in a manner that is also readable and entertaining - a difficult feat. Carter adheres strictly to valid scientific and philosophical principles in arguing for the reality of psi and the legitimacy of parapsychology as a science, and he doesn't overstate his case. Any reader who can approach this controversial subject with an open mind will find Carter's book immensely rewarding.
--John Palmer, Ph.D., Editor Journal of Parapsychology, co-author of Foundations of Parapsychology

Rupert Sheldrake
A masterly guide to the frontiers of science, belief and exploration. Carter leads us through the interplays of dogma, speculation and empirical research in a stimulating way. The controversy is intense because the implications for the scientific understanding of nature and of mind are so far reaching. If you want to know the current state of play, this is the book for you.
--Rupert Sheldrake, Ph.D., author of The Presence of the Past.

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