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Guy Lyon Playfair is probably best known for the investigation of the Enfield Poltergeist, as he recorded in This House is Haunted in 1980. Prior to the Enfield case, he spent more than two years gathering accounts of incredible paranormal phenomena in Brazil. He recounted this bewildering investigation in his 1975 work, The Flying Cow, Playfair recounted four nights spent in a house captured by poltergeists. He underwent psychic surgery. He witnessed automatic writing, reincarnation, and communications from the dead. The book was later retitled The Unknown Power.
With the psychic Uri Geller, he co-authored The Geller Effect, an up close look at the hows and whys of telekinesis and much else besides.
Other works by Playfair include The Cycles of Heaven, written in 1977. Playfair has worked with any number of paranormal experts during his decades of research. His co-workers include Dr. John Beloff, Dr. Eric Dingwall, Renee Haynes, and Maurice Grosse. He has also written about the remarkable Matthew Manning


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Twin Telepathy: The Psychic Connection
by Guy Lyon Playfair
Without warning, a healthy man feels a suffocating pain in his chest. Hundreds of miles away at the same moment, his identical twin suffers a heart attack. Elsewhere, a woman is deep in labor, while across the continent her twin sister feels contractions rippling across her own flat back and belly. Twin telepathy has long been a source of wonder, and recently a series of original research studies was commissioned to probe this psychic connection. The startling findings are presented here, including powerful evidence of a genuine telepathic link. Incidents of shared emotions, thoughts and tactile sensations, and even such extreme physical manifestations as bruising or burning were all documented, and the nature of telepathy itself is revealed in the words of real men and women who experienced these sensations firsthand. Their experiences will amaze and inspire you even as they challenge accepted notions of individuality and the bonds that tie us.

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