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In the Skeptical Bookshop we feature some authors whose works are broadly in sympathy with the mission of this website. Click on the links below to find books by the author of your choice. You will find brief biographical details and a short review or synopsis of each book.
Click on the Amazon.com (USA) or Amazon.co.uk (UK and Ireland) to take you direct to the title on the Amazon website. There, by following Amazon's directions, you can order the book for delivery at standard discounted Amazon prices

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Stephen Braude
Larry Dossey
David Fontana
Stanley Krippner
Guy Lyon Playfair
Dean Radin
Gary Schwartz
Stephan Schwartz
Rupert Sheldrake
Ian Stevenson
Russell Targ
Charles Tart



Book Reviews

Chris Carter
Robert Todd Carroll
Walter Gratzer
Robert L. Park