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The Telepathy Debate, Royal Society of Arts, London, 15th January 2004

A debate on telepathy on Jan 15 2004 at the Royal Society of Arts

Prof Lewis Wolpert     vs     Dr Rupert Sheldrake

Chair: Edward Nugee, QC

Professor Lewis Wolpert, a developmental biologist at University College London, makes the case against the existence of telepathy at a debate at the Royal Society of Arts (RSA) in London on 15 January. Rupert Sheldrake argues in its favour. Most of the 200-strong audience seem to agree with him.

The tape runs for approximately a little over 1 hour. There is a short gap after 43 minutes, which denotes the pause whilst Rupert shows the N'kisi video. The tape begins at the end of the introductory remarks by Liz Winder, head of lectures at the RSA, and ends with the closing remarks by both speakers.

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To hear the debate online: Audio recording

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